1) Samí Abdulnour  (*1995 Ostrov, CZ)

24. 6. – 30. 6. 2017  |  Kultivar, Na Rybníčku 387/6, Liberec 3

24. 6. 12:00−22:00, 25. 6. 12:00− 18:00, 26. 6. 10:00−17:00, free entry.


installation, mixed media, 2017

The youngest participator at ART WEEK Liberec is Samí Abdulnour, a student of architecture at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL), who with his own specific view of new media connects thinking about the virtual digital space with traditional analog media. The installation Raster, presented at the Kultivar cultural center, works with a digital cage visible during ordinary projection. Abdulnour examines the pixel raster as a fingerprint of the digital world.

2) Filip Dvořák and Martin Kolarov (*1990 Prgue, CZ, *1993 Kežmarok, SK)

24. 6. – 30. 6. 2017  |  The North Bohemian Museum in Liberec, Masarykova 11, Liberec 1

Open daily except for Mondays 9:00−17:00, on Wednesdays till 18:00.

Quality of post emotions

HD video, 1:10, 2017

in the eye of the tornado I smell the fair-trade coffee
in the middle of the burning forest I hear the voices from the Complaints Department
buried under the tsunami I am scratching my leg
I stand immediately next to the splashing volcano, yawning
I am falling through the shattering ground, but I am getting hungry, so I leave

The first shared art projects of Filip Dvořák and Martin Kolarov began to originate in 2015. Filip Dvořák and Martin Kolarov both studied at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in Painting studio under the lead of Jiří Černický and Marek Meduna. The project Quality of post emotions follows the interest in emotions. Dvořák and Kolarov deal with the clash between the digital and the real.

3) Martin Hofman (*1992 Domažlice, CZ)

22. 6. – 30. 6. 2017  |  The Regional Art Gallery in Liberec, Masarykova 723/14, Liberec 1

Open daily except for Mondays 10:00−17:00, Thursdays 10:00−19:00 (free entry on Thursdays). On Sunday 25. 6. during the commented tour the entry is free, on other days according to the price list of the Regional Art Gallery in Liberec.


installation, acryl and oil on canvas, 2017

Martin Hofman is a fresh graduate of Stanislav Zippeh´s studio of Visual communication – digital media at FUA TUL. In his work, Hofman systematically takes interest in digital space interventions, which are transformed into traditional media – paint, presented in the installation Infinitelylarge. In the Regional Art Gallery in Liberec we do not see classically hung paintings but a different concept of layering real and virtual space.

4) Tomáš Moravec (*1985 Prague, CZ)

24. 6. – 30. 6. 2017  |  Varšava Cinema, Frýdlantská 285, Liberec 1

24. 6. − 25. 6. 12:00−19:00, 26. 6. − 30. 6. 17:00−19:00, free entry.


light-kinetic installation, 2017

The light-kinetic show by Tomáš Moravec´s Palindrom follows up on his works Beacon (2015) and The Plastic Movie (2016). Together they create a trio which is connected by the moment of vertical rotation and its subsequent influence on reading the screened recording. In the installation solution at the Varšava cinema it is a sort of anchor point – a lighthouse which signal navigates us throughout space and examines the ruins of the actual state of the screening hall.