9. 9. 2016 → 7 p.m., Liberec Regional Art Gallery (Masarykova 723/14, 460 01 Liberec 1)

Post past

Andrea Pekárková alias Aka 47 (b. 1985 in Hradec Králové, CZ)

audiovisual performance in cyber space

The audiovisual performance of Aka 47 builds on her work with video and video manipulation. The artist contactlessly controls and mixes expressive material in real time. Part of the work is also a reaction to the particular space. Aka 47 intentionally works with issues connected with post-production and the currently discussed postinternet.

A Journey with the Dinosaurs

Petr Voříšek (b. 1990 in Liberec, CZ)

audio performance

In Petr Voříšek’s work, his long-term interest in sound can be clearly seen. His audio projects cross from performances using old electronics as a musical instrument (A Concert for the Connector) to programming. During the festival, viewers will encounter a live composition generated in real time. A Journey with the Dinosaurs evokes an abstract acoustic landscape composed of various synthetic organisms and unusual rhythms.