A point in common of all participants in the artistic festival is their interest in contemporary art, which does not bear traits of an artist’s direct handicrafts. In other words: art whose formal character is formed by applied technology, existing prefabricated (ready-made) components or skills of professionals hired by the artist. A work of art is thus created without the direct manual intervention of its creator. We can find this approach in the works of artists classified in the categories of conceptual art, new media art, digital art and postinternet, etc. We are speaking about impersonal art whose author “only” provides the specific extent of technological control in addition to the original idea. Rather than the traditional brushstrokes or sculpting, we can observe experiments and acknowledged physical compromises challenging the limits of media and preset mental formulas or professions that are not necessarily controlled by artists themselves. Despite the programming of similar types of works, they express a specific statement of the artist in contrast to the traditional approach of handicrafts. Today, (DO NOT) TOUCH means not only creation, but also searching for one’s own characteristic features. A concentrated interest in the actual method of creating works of art allows for a wide straddle between various types of contemporary art, which are no longer connected merely by the media of painting, sculpture or installations, but also the author’s actual position. At the same time, we can observe the present potential for the connection of art and technology/science.

ART WEEK Liberec is organized with the support of the city of Liberec. ART WEEK is supported by the small projects fund in Euroregion Nisa within the program Cooperation to support cross-border cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Free State of Saxony. ERN-0237-CZ-23.05.2016